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Why is this important?

Achieving certification as a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt provides you a deeper level of understanding of Lean and Six Sigma principles and allows you to recognize, evaluate and correct organizational problems.   For our successful graduates, it has meant improved individual and company performance, decreased cost, improved customer satisfaction and increased revenue generation.  A Lean Six Sigma Green Belt possesses a good understanding of all aspects within the phases of D-M-A-I-C.

What is it?

Our 'Lean Six Sigma Green Belt for Busy Professionals' course is a four week, fast paced, fun-filled and interactive learning experience for middle-management level leaders in all industries.  At a minimum, we will cover the following topics:

DMAIC Philosophy and LSS Strategy
Project Charters
Introduction to Voice of the Customer (VOC)
Process Mapping - Document and Analyze the Process
The Value of Lead Time
Transactional Lead Time Simulation
Determine What to Measure and Data Collection
QI - Introduction
QI - 5S for Service
Control Charts
Measurement System Analysis – Continuous Data
Measurement System Analysis – Attribute Data
Process Capability Analysis
Hypothesis Testing - Basic
Simple Linear Regression

All students receive digital training materials, tools for ongoing practical application, ongoing consultation for project support and a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training certificate upon completion of the course.

How do I get this training?

For more information, pricing, or to reserve a training date, please contact us at

Note:  A minimum of 15 students per class is needed as the centerpiece of the curriculum is a highly interactive office simulation exercise.  Maximum student load is 20 per class.

Multiple Regression
Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
Queuing Theory
Process Streamlining
Process Constraint Identification
Process Balancing
Process Flow Improvement
Value Add Improvement
Process Control
Mistake Proofing
Visual Process Control Tools

The Potentia, LLC Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification course will ensure all participants are well versed in the Lean Six Sigma methodology and able to lead improvement projects under the guidance of a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.  Our value-added proposition is we make it easier for you to fit this into your busy life.  All LSSGB sessions are held in the evenings and students supported away from the courseroom with access to the Canvas course management system.   

Lean Six Sigma 

Green Belt Certification for Busy Professionals

What’s in it for you?

Earning any Lean Six Sigma certification can be challenging as a working adult.  We know this because we are busy professionals ourselves.