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Why is this important?

From energy companies to non-profits, success demands a workforce that is not only educationally and technically proficient, but also strategically flexible - able to adapt quickly and effortlessly to dynamic and constantly changing environments.  Many highly successful, international firms have adopted Lean Six Sigma as the process improvement methodology of choice.  Lean Six Sigma is a structured process which deconstructs business processes, identifies waste and inefficiencies, and reduces variation.  What makes Lean Six Sigma truly different from other process improvement methodologies is that it is not just a series of tools; it is a mindset, a way of viewing and understanding your business and your work.

What is it?

Our Imaginnovation© experience is the entry level into the Lean Six Sigma process improvement discipline.  It is a one-day, fast paced, fun-filled and interactive learning experience.  Your employees will have the opportunity to learn the basics of Lean Six Sigma methodology, and how they can put them into practice in their daily work to make a positive difference.  Topics covered in Imaginnovation© include:

  • Lean Six Sigma phases overview
  • Defining problems
  • Project Chartering Basics
  • Measuring techniques
  • Process Mapping
  • Analyzing Processes
  • Value Add Analysis
  • Eliminating Waste
  • Sigma Quality Level
  • Brainstorming
  • Solution Development
  • Control Plans

All students receive  digital training materials, tools for ongoing practical application, and an Imaginnovation© Training Certificate upon completion.

How can I get this training?

For more information, pricing, or to reserve a training date, please contact us at

Note:  A minimum of 15 students per class is needed as the centerpiece of the curriculum is a highly interactive office simulation exercise.  Maximum student load is 20 per class


(Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt)

What’s in it for you?  

Participants will not look at their work the same way, after this experience.  Employees will return better equipped to identify problems, map and analyze their work, eliminate non-value added process steps and activities, measure their results, and be more efficient and effective in everything they do.