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they can be aligned to maximum organizational effect.  Leaders need to understand the correlation between strategy and process improvement. Too often, process improvement efforts are focused on problems and issues that are not strategically relevant to the organization. As a result, even if the process improvement efforts are successful, they do not produce meaningful results.  In fact, this same lack of results also leads to unwarranted disillusionment with process improvement in general.

Why is this important?

Within the modern competitive landscape, “good” is no longer good enough. To be successful, organizations must excel across numerous performance dimensions.  To flourish, firms must polish all facets of the enterprise by increasing quality, optimizing the use of resources, and learning to thrive in an increasingly aggressive marketplace.  Yet, after years of empirical evidence developed across numerous industries, countless books, lectures and papers on the topic of improving organizational performance and service excellence, organizations struggle to identify the essential elements of success.  This manifests in decreased margins, increased litigation, high employee turnover and poor quality outcomes.

What is it?

The HREx©  - Lean Management Professional course is a two-day, fast paced, fun-filled and interactive learning experience for developing leaders in all industries.  Participants will be able to understand strategic planning methodology, how to create a shared vision and how to effectively integrate financial and process improvement efforts in order to achieve their vision.  They will return better equipped to create focused strategic plans, identify problems, engage employees, develop organizational culture, map and analyze their work, eliminate non-value added process steps and activities, measure their results, evaluate their strategic plan, and be more efficient and effective in everything they do.  Topics covered in HREx© - Lean Management Professional course include:

  • Leadership Strategies
  • Employee Onboarding & Engagement
  • The Balanced Score Card
  • Business Case Analysis
  • Cultural Development Strategies
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Strategic Alignment Tools
  • Lean & Process Excellence

All students receive digital training materials, tools for practical application and HREx© - Lean Management Professional certification upon completion.

How can I get this training?

For more information, pricing, or to reserve a training date, please contact us at

Note:  A minimum of 15 students per class is needed as the centerpiece of the curriculum is a highly interactive simulation exercise.  Maximum student load is 20 per class.

High Reliability Executive (HREx)©

Lean Management Professional

What's in it for you?

Current research indicates highly reliable companies achieve extraordinary levels of success when leadership, employee on-boarding and engagement, cultural development, customer relationship management and process excellence are tightly aligned.  This implies developing leaders need to know not only what each of these broad topics mean, but how specific tools like the balanced score card, business case analysis, Lean and others are best employed and how they